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Orient Products
Orientproducts.com, Inc.
Unique Chinese and Asian Gift Store

The Need
Orientproducts.com, Inc. needed a complete storefront built from the ground up that was highly scaleable and designed to handle thousands of orders a day. After looking around the web for solutions that could be purchased, they realized that their unique business model of zero inventory, just in time shipping combined with the highly distributed nature of the company (Orientproducts.com, Inc. has operations in both China and several U.S. locations) mandated a custom built solution. They turned to Cerebral Tech for their needs.

The Solution
CerebralTech took all of the needs into consideration, and then began construction of a highly advanced industrial strength solution built on top of the rock solid Open Source technologies of Linux, Apache, PostgreSQL, and PHP4. Special care was taken at all steps to ensure security and robustness, in addition to usability for customers.

The Result
Success. In addition to meeting our client's goals, we surpassed them in several areas and in the process made Orientproducts.com one of the easiest to use, safest, and most stable E-Commerce websites in the world. Innovations such as the always visible shopping cart, the Product Builder, and 2-Click shopping were well accepted. Management loved the administrative backend that allowed them to instantly see financial data, order status, and other key indicators in real time. Customers responded favorably to the ease of placing an order, being able to track their shipment's progress, and being able to take advantage of the discounts provided to repeat customers. We continue to partner with Orientproducts.com to serve their technology needs and adapt our software as their business process changes and their company grows.

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"We couldn't run our business if it weren't for Cerebral Tech. To me, that pretty much sums up the level of confidence we have in them."

Erik Nelson, Orient Products - Unique Chinese and Asian Gifts

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