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  Language Experience. We have years of experience developing in every industry standard language - C/C++, Java, Perl, PHP, LISP, and Visual Basic.
  Platform Experience. Does your application need to be portable? Do you need your software ported to another platform? We have experience in every major operating system - Windows NT/9x/XP, Linux, Solaris, Irix, MacOS, MacOS X.
  Customer Service Experience. We return your phone calls, we meet with you in person, we do whatever it takes to keep you up to date and happy. Give us a call or email and see for yourself that we take customer service seriously.
  A Proven Track Record. We have clients all over the world who are currently using software developed by Cerebral Tech, Inc.
  Not Just the Web. In addition to web programming and backend development, we've developed graphics software, financial applications, standalone applications, client/server applications and more.
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We'll Help You Put Out the Fire. We'll not only listen to your problems, we'll help you devise a plan to fix them - AND we'll give you a discount, just because we care.

Contact Us and tell us your horror story, and we'll tell you a few too, then we'll get to work ensuring that your project gets completed.

"Cerebral Tech is a wonderfully cooperative company and they are extremely knowledgable when it comes to programming jobs. Their level of professionalism far exceeded our expectations and we would definitely consider them for any future web-based programming jobs we need assistance with. They advised us throughout the project and spent a lot of extra time ensuring our satisfaction. Thanks!"

Warren, Nebulant Corp.

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