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J. Harold Smith At Gallery

The Need
We were approached with an emergency request: another developer had burned the designer of the J. Harold website and wasn't returning phone calls or answering emails, and the project needed to be completed in two weeks. The entire back end of the website needed to be completed, and this included a secure ordering system and a catalogue management system so that the gallery could continually and easily update their large inventory of local artists.

The Solution
We immeadiately sounded a code red alert, and assigned our crack team of developers onto the project. Construction began immediately on a highly advanced industrial strength solution built on top of the rock solid Open Source technologies of Linux, Apache, PostgreSQL, and PHP4. Special care was taken at all steps to ensure that the system was secure, reliable, and usable. Constantly in touch via phone, email, and instant messages, the team worked nonstop for two weeks, racing against the clock.

The Result
J. Harold Smith Art Gallery opened on time and continues to display works done by highly talented local artists. The designer has for the past three years used us to outsource all programming work that she needs done, and couldn't be happier with the results.

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