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Internet World Productions

The Need
Allen Smith approached us because he wanted to be able to offer instant cash rebates over the internet, but was unsure how to design a system that would accommodate this goal. Problem areas were fraud prevention, dealing with multiple banks and financial systems, validating customer information, and tracking financial information, products, and more. In addition to these concerns, he needed the administrative backend and the customer friendly front end designed and implemented, and he needed this entire system developed and deployed in just three months!

The Solution
After extensively discussing various options that were available, we decided we could handle the project, deadline and all. We flew a consultant down to North Carolina and personally worked with Allen's team to learn exactly how his business functioned. Knowledge in hand, a schedule was drawn up, milestones agreed upon, and our developers proceeded to tear into the project at top speed. We settled on a completely web based solution that was designed to be as portable and scaleable as possible. Employees from every side of the business would need to access crucial data, therefore, a highly usable administrative backend was developed with an advanced permissions system to ensure system integrity. Accounting, shipping, receiving, inventory, customer information, statistics, and a wealth of other data can be viewed and manipulated with ease by any employee with a web browser, from anywhere in the world.

The Result
Many late nights, many conference calls, countless emails, and hours of testing later, our development SWAT team came up for air. The system was put into beta and delivered a full two weeks early, shattering even our own expectations. Allen has since become one of our most loyal customers and we continue to support his technology needs.

"Cerebral Tech is a young and talanted company with a great sense of pride in their work and their customers."

Allen Smith, Internet World Productions

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